Face Off: Share vs. Feeldoe


Dear Sex Lady,

I am trying to decide between the Feeldoe and the Share dildo. Which one should I get?


Ah… the age old double dildo question. First, let me say, that as always, choosing a sex toy is a very personal decision and one that is near impossible to make for anyone else. I can tell you some differences between the two and hopefully that will help you make a more informed choice (and BTW, both toys are AWESOME and I myself would be hard-pressed to choose between the two)

Here are some things they have in common:

• Both are made of 100% silicone

• Both are designed to be used harness-less (but we have found they work better with a harness)

• They have a similar shape allowing the two participants to get very close to each other & try a variety of positions

Now how they differ:

• The Feeldoe (pictured on the right) comes in three sizes and vibrates.

• The silicone that the Feeldoe is made of is a bit firmer (and shinier) than the Share

• The Share (pictured on the left) is a bit more supple in texture and had a larger bulb end.

So, while I can’t make a decision for you I would suggest the Share if the person wearing the dildo likes a very full feeling inside (the bulb end may be too big for some.. but the size also may help someone “grip” it better). Because it is a bit more flexible, you may find it more comfortable in a wider variety of positions. Also some wearer’s may find the upturned part at the bottom of the bulb end presses againts thier clit a little more than the feeldoe’s clit ridges.

If the person wearing the toys is more comfortable with small things inserted, the Feeldoe may be your better choice. Also, if you want the option of vibration, that is the way to go. Plus with three sizes you can choose how long and wide you want the receiver’s part to be.

So hopefully that did not make your decision any harder. Either way, you will probably have a lot of fun with the toy!


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